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Broken Beaks: A Children's Book About Homelessness

Broken Beaks is a new children’s book written by Nathaniel Lachenmeyer. It tells the story of an injured sparrow that is befriended by a homeless man.

In the words of one reviewer:

“The image of the broken beak is well chosen, as it is a simple flaw, easily explained, but still mysterious. Something just snaps, and the bird’s life is never the same again. Watching this perfect bird become broken, dirty and homeless prepares us for the introduction of the man experiencing homelessness and allows the reader’s identification with the sparrow to easily empathize with the equally broken man. Broken Beaks is about the strength of the human spirit and is rich in detail and gentle simplicity.”

Lachenmeyer previously published The Outsider, an award-winning chronicle of his father’s struggles with schizophrenia and homelessness. Library Journal called it “highly recommended.”

Lachenmeyer also maintains the Web site Exile on Main Street, featuring information about mental health and homelessness.

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