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May 2017

How Denver Public Library Balances Books And Being A Homeless Shelter

April 2017

Librarians Across America Are Using Their Powers For Political Good

March 2017

Kansas City Public Library Embraces the Homeless

February 2017

Libraries Struggle With A New Role: Social Services Center

January 2017

Dallas Library Strives To Be Haven For Homeless

December 2016

Joliet Library Helps Provide Winter Supplies to Local Homeless Population

November 2016

A Bronx Librarian Keen on Teaching Homeless Children a Lasting Love of Books

October 2016

Librarians Learn Mental Health First Aid In San Diego

September 2016

Everybody Reads Picks Evicted

August 2016

Homelessness Outreach Program in Peoria

July 2016

Loussac Library in Midtown Anchorage Gets Social Worker

June 2016

With More People Living Outdoors, Portland's Mobile Library, Street Books, Grows

May 2016

Literacy Initiative Puts Child Libraries in NYC Homeless Shelters

April 2016

Libraries Role as Homeless Refuges

March 2016

Library Offers Homeless People Mental Health Services, And It’s Working

February 2016

Oak Park Library Hires Manager for Community Resources

January 2016

Carbondale's Homeless Efforts

December 2015

Jeffersonville Township Public Library- Vision 2025: A Strategic Plan to End Homelessness in Clark and Floyd Counties
Project Uplift

November 2015

Formal Partnership Between the Edmonton Public Library and Homeward Trust

October 2015

Community Pulling Together to Fight Generational Poverty

September 2015

Pop-Up Programming: Sunrise Concert Series

August 2015

Fighting Homelessness: Libraries on the Front Lines

July 2015

Rainbow Boxes Aims To Send LGBT-Focused Young Adult Books To Libraries and Shelters

June 2015

Diversity and Outreach Fair, Book Drive to Highlight Library Services for People Experiencing Homelessness

May 2015

California’s Homeless Find a Quiet Place

April 2015

New York City Putting Libraries In Homeless Shelters To Make Sure That Homeless Children Have Access To Books

March 2015

Library's Science, Technology Program Receives $400K Grant

February 2015

Santa Rosa Library Offering Art Workshops to Homeless

January 2015

What are Libraries Doing to Help?

December 2014

How are the Kids?

November 2014

A Home to the Homeless: Community Approach to Homelessness

October 2014

Homeless Outreach: Books from Street Librarians

September 2014

UN Committee Calls for U.S. to Take Action on Laws Criminalizing Homelessness

August 2014

D.C. Adds a Social Worker to Library System to Work with Homeless Patrons

July 2014

U.S. Libraries Become Front Line in Fight Against Homelessness
Dallas Library Gives Homeless Their Own Podcast

June 2014

More Than 70 Per Cent of the World Population Lacks Proper Social Protection

May 2014

Kitsap Regional Library Wins 2014 LibraryAware Community Award

April 2014

Tavis Smiley and RESULTS Host Virtual Town Hall Meeting -- Ending Poverty: America’s Silent Spaces

March 2014

From Crisis to Collaboration: Pima County Public Library partners with Health Department for Library Nurse Program
Santa Clarita Library Hosts Souls Of Hope Project To Help Homeless

February 2014

Glastonbury MLK Initiative To Host Community Conversations Feb. 8, 15

January 2014

War on Poverty at 50

December 2013

Social Workers in the Library a New Resource for the Homeless

November 2013

Food Desert Gets First Nonprofit Supermarket

September 2013

15% of Americans Live at or Below Poverty Line

August 2013

Cost of Living is Higher for the Poor

June 2013

Ending Veteran Homelessness by 2015

May 2013

Libraries transforming communities

March 2013

Free webinar to highlight ways to build meaningful library experiences for those experiencing poverty and homelessness

February 2013

What is the state of hunger in your community?

December 2012

"We’re not mental health professionals”

November 2012

Santa Cruz library board delays suspension policy changes

September 2012

Johns Creek student builds library for homeless families in Roswell

July 2012

Homeless at the library get their own program

June 2012

Boston’s homeless seniors to get new housing

May 2012

A Philadelphia Homeless Man's Path to Entrepreneurship

April 2012

Salt Lake Library aims to help homeless patrons

March 2012

Growing Gaps Bring Focus on Poverty's Role in Schooling

January 2012

Libraries + Technology =Helping the Poor

December 2011

Here's What The Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About...

November 2011

Zuccotti Park raid wipes out Occupy Wall Street library

October 2011

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

September 2011

#OccupyWallStreet - Did you know?
Trying to win the war on poverty

August 2011

Community Building at Burlington Public Library

July 2011

Libraries add laptops to serve poor areas
Free food at the library

June 2011

"Designed to fail" system of public education
Empty summer in the city for kids hit by cutbacks

April 2011

Doing Better for Families

March 2011

Homeless connecting with family, friends through social networking

January 2011

Protecting Students Against the Effects of Poverty: Libraries

December 2010

National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day

October 2010

Survival Needs and Social Inclusion: Technology Use Among the Homeless

August 2010

September is Hunger Action Month

July 2010

Permanent homes for homeless vets

June 2010

Turning Poverty Into A Multibillion-Dollar Industry

May 2010

Libraries dealing with homeless try new approaches; San Francisco hires a social worker

April 2010

Nick Coleman: An argument on behalf of the homeless

March 2010

National Call Center for Homeless Veterans

February 2010

Welfare Recipients Forced to Sell Food Stamps to Buy Basic Necessities

January 2010

History is made by everyman
Helping Patrons Through Hard Times

December 2009

Students suffering from holiday hunger

November 2009

The Shelter of the Library

October 2009

SafeLink Wireless
The Struggles of Low-Income Job-Seekers
Another Face of Homelessness
D.C.'s 2010 Homeless Services Budget cut of 20M

September 2009

Is It Now a Crime to Be Poor?

August 2009

Housing as Health Care

June 2009

How the "Already Poor" Are Faring

May 2009

Plant a Row for the Hungry
It Bears Repeating
Balancing Inclusion and Safety in Libraries

April 2009

Do homeless people have legal privacy rights in our public libraries?
More Than Just Race

March 2009

Philly says NO! to library closures
Prison Spending Outpaces All but Medicaid

February 2009

150% homeless increase in Cleveland's public schools

January 2009

Berkeley Public Library (BPL) denied waiver

December 2008

Comics for community organizing, outreach and education
A library survey that targets homelessness

November 2008

Same Story, New Generation?
The Obama/Biden Poverty Platform

October 2008

Poverty in the News
Poverty in the News

September 2008

Feeding America
Foreclosure Crisis Creating Larger Tent Cities

August 2008

Tough(er) Times in Today's Recession
Toronto's New Chief Librarian Tackles Poverty
States Launch New Anti-Poverty Programs

July 2008

Struggling college students turn to food banks
ALA Task Force Member Survey on Policy 61

June 2008

Building Communities Through Libraries Panel Discussion
On the New Inequality
Skokie Public Library Helps Low-Income People

May 2008

Community-Led Libraries Toolkit
Food Pantries Have Hard Time Keeping Up
Housing Shortage + Home Foreclosure = Homelessness
Literacy Before Laptops?
SFPL Drops Mandatory $115 Lost Book Fee

April 2008

Tent City U.S.A.

March 2008

No Springtime for Minnesota's Working Poor
Poverty Scorecard for Congress
Columbia, SC, offers the only Housing First program to have a medical school coordinate services for homeless people

February 2008

Students Stigmatized by Free Lunches?
Libraries and Homelessness Hit the Big Screen

January 2008

Metro Detroit libraries and homeless people

December 2007

Libraries serving people without permanent homes
The "crime" of feeding hungry people
Mayors Examine Causes of Hunger, Homelessness
San Francisco Lost-Book Charge Controversy
U.K. Libraries -Digital Inclusion

November 2007

Police Arrest People for Begging
Ten Things You Can Work on to Better Serve Low Income People in Your Library

August 2007

Second Life Hype vs. Human Needs

July 2007

U.S. Media Rediscover Poverty (Sort Of)

May 2007

ALA Program on Serving Poor People
The State of Poverty: 12 Ways to Lead the Change

April 2007

Cover the Uninsured Week 2007
Chip Ward on the "Chronically Homeless"

March 2007

William T. Vollmann's POOR PEOPLE
Phone Service Discounts for Low-Income People

February 2007

Tackling Exclusion, Building Communities
How Can Librarians Respond to Poverty?
Fiasco in Florida: No Housing, No Human Rights

January 2007

Worcester Public Library Settles Homeless Suit

December 2006

Homeless People and the Seattle Public Library

November 2006

Benefits Program Locator and Tax Toolkit
How Rich People Are Winning the Class War
National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

October 2006

Criminalization of the Poor: A Case Study in Colorado
The Perks of Privilege and Poor Losers
Basic Needs and Community Information

September 2006

Low-Wage Jobs: Let's Have Some Justice
Worcester Public Library Changes Borrowing Policy
Feed a Hungry Person, Go to Jail
Rondo Library Celebrates Grand Opening
More on Library Fees and Fines
The State of Working America and More
YouTube and the New York Coalition for the Homeless

August 2006

After Katrina, Keeping Up Appearances, and More
The Fight for Public Space: Selected Resources
Free Books, Free Lunches, and More
Waging a Living, Family Resources, and More
Poverty Miscellanea from Here and There

July 2006

Worcester Public Library Must Rescind Borrowing Policy
Food Recovery and Myths About Hunger
Homeless Citizens Seek Equal Access at Worcester PL

June 2006

It's a Matter of Power: Appearance and Hygiene Policies
Shriver Center Offers New Tools to End Poverty
Race, Poverty, and Aging Baby Boomers: ALA Program
Congress Stiffs Low-Income Workers
County Library Cancels Cards for Homeless Kids
RUSQ Community Building Column to End
America's Literacy Directory
Broken Beaks: A Children's Book About Homelessness

May 2006

Poverty Links for Librarians

April 2006

Kansas Class Surveys Homeless People at Library
Free Books for Kids in Transition
Maryland's Homeless and Public Libraries
Young, Black, Poor (It Bears Repeating)
Public Libraries & Teens in Low-Income Communities
Lawyers in the Library: Free Legal Help
Cover the Uninsured Week 2006
Phone Service (and More) for Homeless People

February 2006

It's Time to Redefine U.S. Poverty
Classism in the Stacks: Libraries and Poor People
Income Inequality Grows in the United States
State Policies for Bright Futures
Addressing Poverty with the aha! Process
Videoblog: Homeless in Texas

January 2006

Legal Needs of Low-Income People Not Being Met
Defining Poverty and Why It Matters for Children
Most Low-Income Parents Are Employed
The Isolation of Urban African Americans
Solving Poverty with Asset Policies
Homeless Youth: Resource Needs
Library Service to the Homeless
Open Doors: Library Service to Excluded Groups

December 2005

Income Inequality: A Reading List
In Defense of Food Stamp Programs
Congress Gets Pay Raise; Minimum Wage Unchanged
Focus: A Poverty Research Publication
Teaching Resource: kNOw Hunger
An Atlas of Poverty in America

November 2005

Poverty Action Lab
Poverty Dispatches
Storming Caesars Palace
Street News Service
Implementing ALA's Poor People's Policy
Katrina's Window: Confronting Concentrated Poverty Across America
National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

October 2005

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
Disaster Assistance: Legal Resources

September 2005

Who Are America's Poor Children?
Indiana Library Starts Info Service at Homeless Center
Just a Little Understanding: A Social-Service Provider’s Perspective on Homeless Library Users

March 2005

Are Public Libraries Criminalizing Poor People?