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Benefits Program Locator and Tax Toolkit

Earlier this year, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities compiled and organized links to state-based benefits programs and related resources.

Virtually all states have made information regarding the five main state-administered low-income benefit programs—food stamps, Medicaid, SCHIP, TANF and child care—available to the public via the internet. There is significant variation between what online information is provided across states.

Some provide a simple description of each program on their agencies websites. Others offer additional information, such as application forms, eligibility screening tools, and policy and procedure manuals used by state agency caseworkers.

Find your state here: www.cbpp.org/1-14-04tanf.htm

The CBPP has also created a 2006 tax toolkit for low-income families who may benefit from the Earned Income Credit (EIC) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC). In their words, “Make Tax Time Pay!”

For more info visit: www.cbpp.org/eic2006/index.html

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