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Feeding America

The national network of food banks formerly known as America’s Second Harvest has changed its name to Feeding America:

This new name best conveys our mission—providing food to Americans living with hunger—and will be supported through expansive public outreach campaigns that will raise awareness of domestic hunger and our work.

Despite a 30-year legacy of fighting hunger, America’s Second Harvest has been confronted with low awareness among the general public, and a broader misunderstanding of domestic hunger …

Our new name, Feeding America, directly conveys that we are providing access to food for people who need it. It also communicates the positive power of food to be a catalyst in people’s lives. In essence, “feeding” serves as a double meaning—both providing food and enriching lives …

Learn more from Feeding America about hunger and food insecurity here.

Front-line librarians can use FA’s Food Bank Locator for referrals in your area.

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