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Public Libraries & Teens in Low-Income Communities

The Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago offers the report “New on the Shelf: Teens in the Library – Findings from the Evaluation of Public Libraries as Partners in Youth Development”

This study reports on findings from the Public Libraries as Partners in Youth Development (PLPYD) Initiative, a 4-year, 9-site initiative funded by the Wallace Foundation to develop innovative models for public libraries to provide high-quality educational enrichment and career development programs serving underserved low-income children and youth.

The evaluation reveals that public libraries can be a resource for youth in low-income communities. In addition to providing access to technology and a “safe” place to be during out-of-school hours, evaluation results indicate libraries can provide high-quality youth employment programs that include training in both specific job skills and more general personal and social skills.

Registration is required to access the key findings and final report. Hard copies can be obtained by calling Chapin Hall publications at 773-256-5213.

A related Web conference, “Teens in the Library,” was conducted May 5, 2005. The audio/PowerPoint presentations are freely available here.

More info about the PLPYD Initiative can be found via the Urban Libraries Council Web site here.

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